"When Sunny Bindra writes, you are advised to read."

Crown Your Customer

“We have all waited for days for a building contractor to show up and start work as promised. We have all showed up on time at a doctor’s surgery for a 10.40 appointment (why are they so precise?), only to be finally seen at 12.23. We have all wondered why top international banks get away with such lamentable service in Kenya. We have all gone to the fancy shops manned by no fewer than six assistants – all of whom look bored to tears, yet none of whom are bored enough to serve you. In full view of the proprietor, who looks more bored than any of them. And I’m not sure anyone in Kenya has found a garage that is prompt, friendly and honest.

It is amazing that this state of affairs continues, for it is so stupid that it almost can’t be happening. We claim to be a nation of businesspeople, but do we understand the basic essence of business? How can anyone who wants to make sustained profits neglect and mistreat customers like this?

What you’ve read so far may be sending you into a state of deep gloom. Yet if you own a business (of any size), or work for one, there is every reason to rejoice.

Your business is sitting on a goldmine in Kenya, whatever your industry. You don’t have to look farther than your nose in order to find a way of being unique. Superb customer service is the feature that the country is crying out for. If you can provide it, you will win over an army of customers. If you can provide it, your products will in all probability be able to command a hefty price premium. If you can provide it, you will have found the keys to the kingdom: the kingdom in which the customer reigns supreme, and in which you, the business owner, are in full charge of the treasury coffers.

In competitive situations, the firm that can develop the strongest emotional bond with customers tends to be the one that races ahead of the others. And in Kenya, customers like you and I tend to feel pretty emotional. Amidst the sea of docility, an anger is growing. It’s an anger that says: “I’ve had enough. I won’t take any more of this crap. Either you serve me properly, courteously and efficiently, or I stop buying.”

That is precisely the emotion that could make you a fortune.”

“CEOs can’t wait to read Sunny Bindra’s articles every week.”
Mahmud Jan Mohamed, Group MD, Serena Hotels

“Sunny Bindra is the columnist with a difference: when he writes, you are advised to read. Ever the strategist, he spells out how an emphasis on customer service could revolutionise your business.”
Zeph Mbugua, Director, Abcon Limited

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