"Sunny Bindra is a BIG DEAL. Because he shares with relentless generosity and works to make the possibilities bigger for everyone he engages with." SETH GODIN

The Bigger Deal

THE BIGGER DEAL: Work Your Way to a Life of Meaning, is a book about possibilities. It is an impassioned demonstration that there is so much more every single one of us can do to have bigger lives. The Bigger Deal is about better businesses, better careers, and better contributions to our shared humanity. It is a book about the meaning of work, success, and life.

Springing from Sunny’s work as a business advisor, educator, columnist, and speaker, The Bigger Deal is written for those who care about doing more with their lives. It shows business folk how to use a powerful sense of purpose to build organizations that truly excel. It exhorts employers to bring the best out of their staff members by treating them as human beings, not human resources. It demonstrates to employees the need to use work, no matter how humble, as a path to inner fulfillment. It is about CEOs and porters, entrepreneurs and clerks, artists and artisans.


“Sunny Bindra is a BIG DEAL. Because he shares with relentless generosity and works to make the possibilities bigger for everyone he engages with.”
Seth Godin, Bestselling author of LINCHPIN

“Sunny reveals some amazing insights and wisdom that can make every life the big deal it should be and the world a better place. He writes it as he has uniquely seen it and lived it. You won’t put this book down.”
Andrew Blacknell, Change and Communication Consultant (London) and co-author of LEAD

“The Bigger Deal encapsulates Sunny’s own bigger deal: transforming the African work space by helping people shine an honest and often uncomfortable light on themselves. I have seen this lead to reinvention and recalibration in so many people and organizations. This book captures years and years of conversations and experiences. Recommended for professionals and entrepreneurs alike.”
Carol Musyoka, Consultant, Educator and Columnist

“Sunny richly weaves common and uncommon sense to bring a new dimension to the old adage to ‘aim high’— and beyond the self. Only then can we truly reach our potential and gain purpose and fulfilment in our life journeys. There is much to gain, so enjoy the book— and the ride.”
Dr. Robin Kibuka, Chair, Standard Chartered Bank, Uganda, and Uganda Bureau of Statistics

“As long as I have known him, Sunny Bindra has persistently preached a life of purpose and significance. The Bigger Deal is an impassioned case for severing the shackles of mediocrity and pursuing a life that is extraordinary.”
Jeenal Shah, Executive Director, AutoXpress Ltd.

“Sunny Bindra’s book, The Bigger Deal, is a clarion call to action to all of us in our personal lives and in our spheres of influence. He challenges us to walk a path that will bring personal and professional fulfillment for ourselves, happiness to our families and friends, success to our organizations, prosperity to more in society and tolerance and peace in the world.”
Lincoln Mali, Regional Head, Western Region, Standard Bank Group Africa

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