"This book makes strategy applicable to everyone’s life."
Professor Dan Cable, London Business School

UP & AHEAD: Use Strategy to Succeed in Life and Work

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CHATTER: What Readers Said.

Heavily annotated because I see myself reading this over and over again.
WENDY MARUBE via Twitter
If the words ‘strategy framework’ make you think the book is dripping with tedious business jargon, I can assure you it’s not.
Sunny Bindra says we’re all strategists—for example if you’re a parent and manage to get your kids to school on time you’ve got a successful strategy in play—we just need a little help to optimise our execution to get better results in both life and work.
Got through most of it this weekend…it’s an eye opening read. Thank you Sunny Bindra. It’s unputdownable.
I have read it cover to cover!!! Must repeat it twice!!! Enriching indeed!! Great way to begin the new year with awesome wisdom from a guru!!
KOMEN via Twitter
Diving into 2022 with @sunnysunwords new book on strategy. It’s a brilliant read on how to apply strategy in every situation, full of wisdom and very accessible. 🇰🇪 🇰🇪 🇰🇪
I have just finished reading this book today. It is one of the greatest books on strategy I have ever read. It has encouraged me a lot on this important leadership matter.
Good way to end the year.
A brilliant read, great ideas communicated in a simple way.
It's official. I don't know what ‘relax and lie in’ means. Time to tuck into @sunnysunwords latest. I've been really looking forward to this. #5amclub
PETER KAWUMI via Twitter
Lovely read @sunnysunwords Strategy simplified and demystified for non business types. Relatable examples and practical tools. Also well written. Asante.
OYUNGA PALA via Twitter
Loving UP & AHEAD. It’s quite an enlightening read, not just for business but for life. Can’t get myself to put it down…
Sunny has poured his heart out in Up & Ahead. It's filled with invaluable advice. A book which needs to be kept near for frequent reference.
If there is an author who has made strategy accessible, that is @sunnysunwords who uses everyday language and offers practical steps that you can apply in both life and business.
WENDY MARUBE via Twitter
This book is a Must Read for anyone looking to grow any area of their lives.
You have unpacked Strategy beautifully making it easy to understand.
SHEILA BUNDI via Twitter
Have the agility to change your dance when the music changes; otherwise, you will be forced off the floor for good - Up & Ahead, another gem from @sunnysunwords
ALKARIM JIWA via Twitter
I was excited to get my copy of @sunnysunwords’ new book. (In a way it also felt like a piece of 🇰🇪 had been delivered.
@THE FOOD_PRENEUR via Instagram
Finally, a befitting culmination to this year’s reading plans.
Flew all the way to Nairobi from Kampala to get it. Anticipating another seismic, profession shaping encounter with the leadership guru's work. Allez. Allez.👊🏽
Excellent book. Very readable (I read it in two sittings) and it resonates a lot. Also very thought provoking—liked the ‘getting kids to school’ analogy a lot! Well done.
NAVAL SOOD via Text Message

The strategist looks up and looks ahead. The strategist is not distracted by noise. The strategist wonders about the causes of things. The strategist painstakingly assembles the pieces to see the whole puzzle. This book is about making you that strategist.

STRATEGY. We know we need to know it and use it. Yet this crucial life-skill is often taught in complex and impractical ways.

Sunny Bindra, with decades of international experience as a strategy advisor and straight-shooting writer and speaker, delivers simple and practical lessons to help you apply strategic thinking to your work and life.

There are deep insights here, written with a light touch, to help you understand and use strategy. And once you put the book down, you won’t wait to get started with strategy in your life.

Praise for UP & AHEAD

“This book makes strategy applicable to everyone’s life. Sunny’s life’s work flows into these chapters and his lively style brings new spark to an old subject.”
DANIEL M CABLE, Professor of Organizational Behaviour at London Business School and author of ALIVE AT WORK and EXCEPTIONAL

“I have had the privilege of working with Sunny and benefiting from his immense knowledge and wisdom in executive leadership. His book is a good guide on how to make strategies that matter. He also demonstrates the importance of going beyond drawing up a good strategy to making it real for execution, both at a business and personal level.”

“This book reflects the authentic Sunny, the unusual strategist. He has the ability to help us discern issues in complex environments, and get us to simple yet effective answers. He also has the special gift of communication—many of his buzzwords and catchphrases have entered my vocabulary!
I recommend this book to any business leader, manager, or individual looking for a unique way to answer a strategic question. Sunny’s 4-stepper works in very many diverse situations. I am delighted that he has finally written this book.”

JANE KARUKU, Group MD & CEO, East African Breweries Ltd

“Sunny Bindra has a unique and very effective approach to his work. Many of us have benefitted from his simple, no-nonsense, hard-hitting style. His latest book covers so much of what he has taught us about strategy and execution, and I hope it helps a wider group of leaders to gain access to his advice. I am sure it will be a bestseller.”
DENNIS AWORI, Chairman and Country Delegate, CFAO/Toyota Goup in Kenya and Executive Director, CFAO SAS (Paris)

“Sunny has taught me many lessons, both as an entrepreneur and intrapreneur, on how to become a better, empathetic, and more effective leader. He is always thoughtful in his approach and clear in his communication. I can say with concrete conviction that this book is full of insights, wisdom, and tangible examples of what is effective strategy—and what is not.”
DOROTHY GHETTUBA PALA, Manager, Africa Originals, Netflix

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