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It’s one thing to contemplate leadership; it’s quite another to actually DO it. Our new monthly newsletter, The Sunwords Periodical, is your regular do-it-yourself guide. Every month, we give you:


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Issue 23 - June 2020

A good leader keeps checking in with the team, not assuming everyone is A-OK. PLUS: reskill yourself for new normals; AND the one book you need to read to understand viruses.

Issue 22 - May 2020

During a crisis this is the one leadership mistake you should never make. PLUS: we're all buying online; AND a quick video: now more than ever, communicate like a human being.

Issue 21 - April 2020

It's corona time. If you're a leader, first just calm down! If you panic, everyone panics. PLUS: the great digital acceleration is on; AND a movie that called this pandemic - in 2011!

Issue 20 - March 2020

Can the late Kobe Bryant teach you...leadership? Yes he can. PLUS: your workplace doesn't have to be crazy - a new book; AND our classic video about managing and understanding wealth.

Issue 19 - February 2020

So you have an underperforming employee...what's the first question to ask yourself? PLUS: a novel that will teach you AI; AND a video about whether a career in art is just work.

Issue 18 - January 2020

A New Year skill every leader needs: the ability to look ahead. WAY ahead. PLUS: flying taxis are coming (yes, really); AND: watch this quick video if you hate your job, before it's too late...

Issue 17 - December 2019

An end-year reflection: what exactly is LEADERSHIP? PLUS: Netflix at the cinema? Say what? VIDEO: how do you treat your visitors? With hospitality, or disregard and disdain?

Issue 16 - November 2019

Arrogance is the end of many a leader. The best ones keep it HUMBLE. Here's why. PLUS: some tech with your burger? VIDEO: A chat with someone who sells stories...

Issue 15 - October 2019

Are you trying to make your team INNOVATE? Here's a leadership home truth for you. PLUS: the global payments revolution stalls - or does it? VIDEO: where do you hang your values?

Issue 14 - September 2019

Does the team you lead feel SAFE? Really? This is the first requirement for team performance...PLUS why incompetent men are not the future of leadership. VIDEO: women are stepping up.

Issue 13 - August 2019

Does your organisation have FUN at work? Here's why it should...PLUS are gyms about to get disrupted? BOOK: Facebook gets skewered by a former fan. VIDEO: 2 tests for your business.

Issue 12 - July 2019

A simple leadership lesson: let someone else do it. PLUS: global car-maker alliances - wassup with that? BOOK: how BS is your job? VIDEO: how to bounce back when life knocks you down.