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The Sunwords Periodical

It’s one thing to contemplate leadership; it’s quite another to actually DO it. Our new monthly newsletter, The Sunwords Periodical, is your regular do-it-yourself guide. Every month, we give you:

LEADERSHIP DIY: practical tips to try out
DISRUPTION WATCH: a look at what’s bubbling on the tech front
WHAT I’M READING: thoughts from the best books
POPCORN TIME: a throwback to the best of our video library
THE BIGGER DEAL BOOK: an excerpt from Sunny’s new release

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Issue 11 - June 2019

Don't do blame-games, do lessons learned. A tip for your leadership. PLUS: cloud kitchens are coming; don't be the jerk who's always late; and a novel with lessons about employees.

Issue 10 - May 2019

The simple thing for which your team will always admire you. PLUS: chatbots arrive in Kenya; lessons from the trenches of media disruption; and 3 words that winners use, and mean...

Issue 9 - April 2019

Who's on your team - replaceable clones, or rich talents? A lesson in understanding individuality and diversity. PLUS: how to get down to where the action is, and study your users.

Issue 8 - March 2019

A good leader never forgets it is humans we lead - and never forgets the little things that matter to all humans. A tip for your life. PLUS: AI hits HR, counters bias in recruitment.

Issue 7 - February 2019

Do you one thing that good leaders do really well? They FOCUS. On the things that really matter, and that only they can do. Here's how. PLUS: A humble leader has some lessons for you.

Issue 6 - January 2019

So you're a leader and you've got your squad of homies, yes? Your inner circle, your trusted clique? Disband it now. It causes more problems than you realise... PLUS: Peak smartphone.

Issue 5 - December 2018

About to judge an issue after hearing just one side? Don't ever do that if you want to be a wise and respected leader... PLUS: Some ancient wisdom about your brand and reputation.

Issue 4 - November 2018

Angry at work? About to let rip on your juniors? Stop. Don't do it. Wait a bit. Just a bit. A lesson in calmer leadership... PLUS: A great book that tries to bring employees back to life.

Issue 3 - October 2018

Want to be a better leader? There's a simple trick - just shut your mouth! A lesson in the merits of silence. PLUS: How to get going with innovation, rather than talking about it.

Issue 2 - September 2018

To lead better, try this very simple thing: stand up from your desk, and start walking around. Thank us later. PLUS: Could a robot cook your mum's food for you when you're far away from her?

Issue 1 - August 2018

Our launch issue asked whether you know how to make decisions as a leader. Hint: don't do it alone. Here's a practical method to try. PLUS: Do you know what to do with AI for your business?