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The 4BY4 Leader: Our first open, virtual programme. Join us!

I have been running learning programmes for leaders for decades now, trying to deliver essential knowledge and create a cadre of chief executives and senior managers who can drive better, wiser organizations.

Those programmes all had common features, though: they were in-person, and aimed at the senior-most echelons.

The global pandemic allowed us to experiment with a variety of new formats and accelerate something close to my heart: delivering unique learnings that are open to all.

That’s why we have just announced the 4BY4 LEADER: Short, sharp, affordable online courses in the essential skillsets of business leadership, aimed at young managers and entrepreneurs.

The 4BY4 Leader covers key leadership skills: strategy, execution, customer excellence & team leadership.

4 essential courses X 4 essential lessons in each = the 4BY4Leader.

I hope these lessons can now reach many more people: those who are younger, fresher and looking for bigger deals in their lives by learning to think strategically, to get things done at speed, to create customer joy, and to learn the essentials of leading others.

Do just one, or do all 4 – and get certified. Do them in any order, at your own pace. These are essential skills for the leaders of the future, imparted in evening sessions on our Zoom classroom. Join from anywhere in the world. We promise a lively, interactive experience that imparts practical skills – that you can actually use in your life.

The 4BY4 Leader  launches on 2 February 2021, with Think Like A Strategist. I hope to see many of you there.

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