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Fast Forward 2009 – Leadership Unusual

Oct 26, 2008 Leadership, Sunday Nation

The 2009 intake for my private leadership development programme, Fast Forward, is now open. Fast Forward takes 20 or so current and future leaders every year and puts them through a varied programme of learning and dialogue to develop WISDOM in leadership. What is the measure of leadership? What is the relationship between leader and follower? How do you generate the insight and judgement necessary to become a great leader? How do you read complex situations? How do you inspire and motivate your staff to do the extraordinary?

FFWD tackles these questions and more, using the power of peer dialogue. The CEOs of some of Kenya’s leading corporations have been through the programme, and more will join in 2009. Due to heavy demand, very few places remain. If you wish to be considered, please review the programme brochure and schedule here.

FFWD is open to chief executives, fast-rising senior managers and entrepreneurs. Selection criteria are used to craft a balanced and diverse group every year.

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